Apple Smart Ring: Control Devices with a Touch on Your Finger

apple smart ring

Apple might be working on a cool new gadget – apple smart ring you wear on your finger. This ring can do some pretty neat things like controlling other devices with touch and pressure-sensitive controls. Imagine tapping and squeezing the ring to make things happen on your gadget! The ring can also buzz or vibrate to notify you when you have messages or notifications.

This clever idea comes from a special paper that has been put out by the government office for patents in the US. It was just made public, and it talks about this “smart ring” idea that Apple is thinking about. A group of smart people at Apple came up with it, including people named Michael Behs, Richard Huizer, Filip Ilivsky, Jean Lu, and Thayne Miller.

apple smart ring
Photo Credit: Screenshot/ USPTO

In simple terms, Apple thinks these rings can be tiny communication devices that talk to your other devices, like phones and computers. Since they are so small and easy to wear, they can wirelessly connect to other gadgets. You can wear them on your fingers, but also as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or even toe rings!

apple smart ring
Photo Credit: Screenshot/ USPTO

Imagine this: Your smart ring gets a message from your phone and it gently buzzes on your finger to let you know. Then, you can do things with the ring—like tapping back to say “hello”—without touching your phone. The cool thing is that this little ring can also control your phone, headphones, computer, and tablet.

The ring will have different parts, like pieces of a puzzle. There’s a part that you can move, like a rotating band, and another part that has special electronics attached to it. The inside of the ring doesn’t move and has some stuff you can feel when you touch it. All of these pieces work together to make sense of what you want to do.

apple smart ring
Photo Credit: Screenshot/ USPTO

Remember, Apple thinks a lot of good ideas, and they sometimes write them down in these special papers. But not every idea becomes a real thing that you can buy. So, we’re not sure if this smart ring will actually become something you can wear, but it’s a pretty exciting idea!

Apple Smart Ring Patent Detail

11733790 (

Is Apple coming out with a ring?

Apple recently submitted a patent application for an interesting smart ring that has the ability to sense skin-to-skin contact and interpret fingertip movements to operate other gadgets. This innovation can extend its effect to a wide range of devices such as TVs, iPads, Mac computers and iPhones.

Amid this development, one cannot avoid speculating about its possible impact on the upcoming Apple Vision Pro. This highly anticipated augmented reality headset to be released in 2024 could potentially be influenced by this smart ring technology. The synergy between the two could open up a whole new dimension of user interaction and control in the realm of augmented reality. As we anxiously await further details, this smart ring’s integration with the Apple Vision Pro promises to transform our engagement with technology.

Do smart rings work with Iphone?

The ring syncs with Apple Health, and Google Fit, as well as iOS and Android apps,

Apple smart ring release date

Apple has just patented Smartsmart Ring, no launch date has been announced yet.

Apple smart ring price

Right now Apple has patented Smartsmart Ring, no launch date has been mentioned yet, nor has any official update been given about its price.

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