Astronaut Galaxy Projector, for Bedroom, Star Projector Night Light, with Remote Control Timer 360° Adjustable Kids Astronaut LED Lamp for Baby Adults Bedroom, Home and Party

Astronaut Galaxy Projector

Unique Astronaut Adventure: Step into the world of stars and galaxies with the Astronaut Galaxy Projector Light. This creates a mesmerizing display of nebula and star patterns that you can enjoy separately or together. With 8 different brightness settings, you have the power to adjust the brightness of the Nebula to suit your mood.

EASY REMOTE CONTROL & SMART TIMER: Take charge without leaving your comfort! The Astronaut Galaxy Projector comes with a remote control that lets you switch the nebula and starlight on or off. You can also change the brightness and speed using the remote, so you can avoid getting up. Plus, there’s a timer option for 45 or 90 minutes. When the time is up, the projector automatically shuts off, which is both clever and eco-friendly.

Innovative Design: The Astronaut Galaxy Projector lamp sports a unique look. Its magnetic head and body allow you to freely rotate or detach the head, giving you breathtaking starry sky and nebula views from any angle. Plus, the arms are highly flexible, adjusting a full 360 degrees for your perfect setup.

Astronaut Galaxy Projector Functions

remote Control & Timer

Astronaut Galaxy Projector
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Enhance your ambiance with the convenience of remote control and timer feature. Easily turn the Starlight Projector on and off, fine-tune the color spectrum, customize the brightness to your liking, and even control the rhythm of the stars’ gentle pulsation. You can also opt for an automatic shut-off after 45 minutes or 90 minutes, to tailor the environment to your schedule. The remote control operates using 2 AAA batteries, which are not included in the package.

Versatile Illumination

Astronaut Galaxy Projector
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Experience the magic of this high-definition projector as it colors your surroundings with dazzling light. With its wide projection capabilities, it’s the perfect fit for a variety of settings. Create a serene and romantic atmosphere, allowing your friends to enjoy a comfortable rest. And don’t forget – its arms can rotate a full 360 degrees, giving you the power to direct the light however you want.

Magnetic Head and Body

The astronaut Galaxy Projectorlaunch light consists of a detachable head and body, which are securely attached using magnets. You can easily rotate and add or remove the head from the body. It allows you to create a mesmerizing display of stars and nebulae anywhere you want, creating a delightful and enchanting atmosphere.

Full Specification

Technical Details

Product Dimensions‎24D x 12W x 11.5H Centimeters
Special Feature‎Cordless
Light Source Type‎‎LED
Finish Type‎‎‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Lamp Type‎Night Light
Room Type‎‎‎Kids Room, Office, Bedroom, Living Room, Recreation Room, Dining Room
Recommended Uses For Product‎Decoration
Power Source‎Corded Electric
Switch Type‎Remote
Number of Light Sources‎8
Included Components‎‎User Manual, Astronaut Galaxy Projector, Remote Control, Power Cable, Astronaut Projector Stand
Mounting Type‎‎Ceiling Mount
Number of Items‎1
Manufacturer‎Supremo Aldo Pvt Ltd
Part Number‎TPLP741
Finish types‎‎‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Voltage‎5 Volts
Specific Uses‎Personal, Party, Room Decortaion, Entertainment
Special Features‎Cordless
Batteries Required‎No
Manufacturer‎Supremo Aldo Pvt Ltd
Country of Origin‎India

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Is galaxy projector any good?

In the range of projectors available, Galaxy projectors stand out as a top choice, and rightly so. They have gained immense popularity due to their ability to cast vibrant visuals on ceilings or walls. These views include panoramic views of stars, planets and even shooting stars.

How much money is a galaxy projector?

The average price for galaxy projectors across various purchasing options hovers around $40 to $60, with some slight variation.

क्या गैलेक्सी प्रोजेक्टर कोई अच्छा है?

खरीद के विभिन्न विकल्पों के बावजूद, गैलेक्सी प्रोजेक्टर वहाँ प्रमुख विकल्पों में से एक के रूप में उभरा है, और यह सही भी है। इसमें आपकी छत या दीवारों पर तारों, ग्रहों और यहां तक कि गिरते तारों की यथार्थवादी छवियां पेश करने की क्षमता है।

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