Dell G15 5530 Gaming laptop New looks, Killer Specs

Dell G15 5530

You can use silent gaming laptop for literary competitive gaming because it has all the way up to 300 Hz refresh rate. Dell G15 5530 Gaming laptop

Dell G15 5530 design

Dell G15 5530

The design of this laptop is very spectacular, you can see it in three different color variants, this laptop is available in three colors: White and Blue, Mitt, Black and Grey. The weight of this laptop is 2.8 kg. It is a gaming laptop, hence the weight of this laptop is a little more.

The weight of the charger of this laptop is 1.3 kg and its charger is about 330 watts. You have been given large inflow and outflow vents at the bottom of this laptop. Due to which this laptop will cool down easily. This laptop also has an outflow vent on the back side and an outflow vent on the side as well. And the speakers are provided at the bottom in the front.

Ports And Buttons

Dell G15 5530

Dell g15 has LED indicator on the left side and 3.5 mm audio jack RJ45. Power port, USB Type A, HDMI and USB Type C are provided on the back side and two USB Type A ports are provided on the right side. So in total you have been given three USB Type A and one USB Type C ports in this laptop.


Dell G15 5530

Two types of options are available in this laptop: Full HD and Why HD for display. The display size of this laptop is 15.6 inches and its brightness is 300 nits, it is 100% sRGB support and it also supports Nvidia G Sync.


Dell g15 will be available in three different variants i5 i7 and i9. The graphic card in it ranges from RTS 3050 to RTS 4060. In this laptop you get 16GB of DDR RAM. The storage provided in it ranges from 512 GB to 1TB. Till then


Dell G15 5530

Dell g15 has a battery of 86 watts which is a 6 cell battery, this battery will give a battery backup of about 5 hours,

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