ASUS ROG Ally RC71L-NH001W Handheld Gaming PC: Unleash the Power of Ryzen Z1 Octa-Core Extreme (16 GB/512 GB SSD, Windows 11 Home)

Experience immersive gaming on the go with ASUS ROG Ally. Enjoy hassle-free long gaming sessions, powered by state-of-the-art RDNA 3 graphics and AMD’s customizable Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor.

Smooth action with dynamic performance

asus rog ally
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Be in the center of intense battles with the Full HD 120Hz high-refresh-rate display featuring FreeSync Premium. Clear pictures and fluid motion keep you engaged in fast-paced games.

Sleek and Lightweight

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Weighing just 608 grams, the ASUS ROG Ally ensures comfortable gaming even during extended sessions, making it an ideal portable companion.

brilliant, silent performance

Video Credit : Asus

ROG Alley stays cool and silent thanks to the revolutionary Zero Gravity Thermal System and Twin Fan Design, which enables seamless gameplay at any angle.

Improved performance with XG Mobile

Video Credit : Asus

Enhance your gaming experience with XG Mobile External GPU. Combine them with ASUS ROG Ally for exceptional eSports performance, allowing you to easily conquer opponents.

Multiplayer Ready

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Extend couch gaming by connecting ASUS ROG Ally to your TV and controller. Its versatile connectivity ensures seamless gameplay at home or on the go, providing unlimited fun.

Superior Connectivity

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Equipped with ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6e networking, the Ellie seamlessly streams, accesses cloud gaming and downloads games even on congested networks thanks to its high bandwidth and low latency.

Quick Access with Fingerprint Security

asus rog ally
Image Credit : Asus

Experience quick and secure login with the built-in Windows Hello fingerprint reader on the power button. No password required – just scan and enter.

Extended Connectivity

With versatile PCIe Gen3x8 and USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 2 combo connectors and a dedicated UHS-II microSD card slot, the ASUS ROG Ally provides easy ways to expand your device’s capabilities.

Immersive Audiovisual

Enjoy crystal-clear voice chats with AI noise cancellation, and immerse yourself in games with dual front-firing Smart Amp speakers featuring Dolby Atmos.

User Friendly Software

asus rog ally
Image Credit : Asus

Access all your games and settings through the intuitive ROG Armory Crate SE app. Modify keymaps and easily adjust Aura Sync lighting all in one place.

Enjoy gaming with Xbox Game Pass

As a true Windows 11 gaming computer, the ASUS ROG Ally includes three free months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, ensuring endless gaming enjoyment.

Top 10 Highlights of the ASUS ROG Ally Gaming Device

  1. Unbeatable Gaming Power: The ASUS ROG Ally boasts AMD’s custom Ryzen Z1 Extreme processors and RDNA 3 graphics, delivering unmatched gaming performance for extended play.
  2. Vivid Gameplay Experience: With a Full HD 120 Hz high-refresh-rate display and FreeSync Premium, the action comes alive, ensuring clarity and smoothness even in fast-paced games.
  3. Sleek Portability: Weighing only 608 g, the ASUS ROG Ally offers comfortable gaming on the go, making long gaming sessions enjoyable without discomfort.
  4. Efficient Cooling Solution: Stay cool during intense gaming sessions with the innovative Zero Gravity thermal system and twin fan design, ensuring optimal performance at any angle.
  5. Enhanced Performance with XG Mobile: Elevate your gaming prowess by pairing the ASUS ROG Ally with XG Mobile external GPUs, enabling you to conquer opponents with ease and precision.
  6. Multiplayer Flexibility: Connect the ASUS ROG Ally to your TV and multiple controllers for an immersive couch gaming experience, providing seamless gameplay both at home and on the move.
  7. Next-Level Connectivity: Enjoy seamless streaming, cloud gaming, and downloads even on crowded networks with ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6E networking, thanks to high bandwidth and low latency.
  8. Instant Access and Security: The Windows Hello fingerprint reader integrated into the power button ensures quick and secure login without the need for passwords.
  9. Expanded Functionality: The ROG Ally offers versatile connectivity with its PCIe Gen3x8 and USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 2 combo connector, along with a dedicated UHS-II microSD card slot.
  10. Immersive Audiovisuals: Experience crystal-clear voice chats with AI Noise Cancellation and immerse yourself in games with Smart Amp speakers featuring Dolby Atmos technology.

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