OnePlus Pad Go: Rumored Specs and Price for the Upcoming Android Tablet

Chinese tech company OnePlus ke dusre tablet product, OnePlus Pad Go, ke kaam par hone ki khabarein chha rahi hain. Halaanki tablet ke specifications abhi tak Officially roop se saamne nahin aaye hain, lekin kuch News OnePlus forums par dikhai diye hain. Saath hi, OnePlus Pad Go ko Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) website par bhi draft kiya gaya hai, iska matlab hai ki yeh jald hi India mein uplabdh ho sakta hai. Company ne abhi tak kisi bhi naye Android tablet ke bare mein koi jaankari prastut nahin ki hai, isliye is jaankari ko ek pinch of salt ke saath vichar karna chahiye.

OnePlus Pad Go ki Expected Specs & Price:

oneplus pad go

Maana jata hai ki OnePlus Pad Go, OnePlus Pad ke mukable mein sudhar ke saath aayega. OnePlus Pad ki shuruaati kimat Rs. 37,999 hai, jismein 8GB RAM aur 128GB storage hai. Rs. 39,999 ki kimat waale model mein 12GB RAM aur 256GB storage hai. Iske liye ek Hi Halo Green finish uplabdh hai.

OnePlus Pad mein 11.61-inch (2,000 x 2,800 pixels) LCD screen hai, jiska refresh rate 144Hz tak hai. Ismein up to 256GB tak ka integrated UFS 3.1 storage capacity hai aur MediaTek Dimensity 9000 SoC hai, jo up to 12GB LPDDR5 RAM ko support karta hai. Ismein selfie ke liye ek 8-megapixel front-facing camera hai aur piche ek 13-megapixel camera module hai, jismein EIS ki sujhav hai. OnePlus Pad ke sath 9,510mAh ki battery box mein aati hai saath hi ek 100W charger bhi. Halaanki, tablet ki charging support 67W tak ki hai.

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Kripya dhyaan dein ki yeh sabhi jaankari officially nahin hain, aur OnePlus ne is tablet ke bare mein koi bhi jaankari abhi tak prastut nahin ki hai.

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