Nothing Unveils Exciting CMF by Nothing Lineup: Budget Smartwatch, Earbuds, and 65W Fast Charger Launching Soon!


American tech company Nothing recently introduced a new sub-brand called “CMF by Nothing”. They are set to launch new budget-friendly products including smartwatches, earbuds, and fast chargers on September 26. Nothing CEO Carl Pei announced the company’s focus on budget-friendly CMF branding earlier this month. According to reports, through this branding strategy, Nothing plans to offer high quality products at affordable prices.

cmf by nothing

The upcoming products have already been listed on the website of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The CMF branding is expected to position these products as stylish yet cost-effective options. Two products have already been unveiled, with more details coming out. The smartwatch and earbuds with CMF branding are expected to launch next month.

cmf by nothing
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According to information received from GSMArena’s report, leaks and pictures related to CMF Buy Nothing products have come to the fore. The leak suggests that these will be the first three products under the CMF branding, which are set to launch on September 26. The smartwatch could cost around ₹4,500, the earbuds around ₹3,500 and the charger around ₹3,000.

Here’s a preview of the specifications of the upcoming smartwatch: CMF By Nothing

The CMF of the Nothing Watch Pro will feature a 1.96-inch AMOLED screen with Always-On Display (AOD) support. It will have an aluminum alloy case, a display with 600 nits peak brightness, and a 50Hz refresh rate. Users can choose from around 100 watch faces and access 110 sports modes. Health and fitness features will include heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen sensing, sleep tracking, and stress monitoring. The smartwatch may also support calling features and come with Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity. It will have GPS capabilities and IP68 dust and water resistance rating. The watch is expected to deliver up to 13 days of battery life with its 330mAh battery.

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cmf by nothing

The upcoming CMF of Nothing Buds Pro will include 45dB Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and ultra-bass technology. With the ANC turned off, these earbuds can deliver up to 11 hours of music playback. These will include 10mm dynamic drivers, HD microphone for clear calls, and anti-wind noise reduction. The earbuds will support fast charging and deliver approximately 3.5 hours of audio playback on just 10 minutes of charge. The charging case may come with a total battery capacity of 460mAh and IP54 dust and water resistance rating.

cmf by nothing

Additionally, the new charger may include various fast charging technologies. It may be available at a special introductory price of ₹2,499. Stay tuned for more information on these products as they become available.

Top 10 Highlights of CMF By Nothing Product Launch: Affordable Smartwatch, Earbuds, and Fast Charger

  1. Budget-Friendly Smartwatch: Nothing introduces a stylish yet affordable smartwatch, catering to budget-conscious tech enthusiasts.
  2. Comprehensive CMF Branding: The CMF by Nothing lineup promises high-quality products at wallet-friendly prices, targeting a wide audience.
  3. Diverse Product Range: Nothing’s launch includes a smartwatch, earbuds, and a fast charger, offering a holistic tech experience.
  4. September 26 Launch Date: Mark your calendars for September 26, when Nothing’s innovative products will hit the market.
  5. BIS Listing: The products are already listed on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) website, signaling their imminent arrival.
  6. Stunning Design: The smartwatch boasts an aluminum alloy case and a vibrant AMOLED display with Always-On Display (AOD) support.
  7. Fitness-Focused: Expect advanced health features like heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen sensing, sleep tracking, and stress monitoring on the smartwatch.
  8. Immersive Audio: The earbuds offer 45dB Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and ultra-bass technology for an enhanced audio experience.
  9. Rapid Charging: The fast charger features cutting-edge fast charging technologies, ensuring your devices are powered up swiftly.
  10. Competitive Pricing: With the smartwatch estimated around ₹4,500 and the earbuds around ₹3,500, Nothing aims to provide exceptional value for your money.

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  1. Affordable Technology: The CMF By Nothing sub-brand of Nothing aims to provide high-quality tech products at budget-friendly prices, making advanced technology more accessible.
  2. Diversified Product Range: The launch includes a range of products from smartwatches to earbuds and fast chargers, catering to various technology needs.
  3. Stylish Design: CMF branding emphasizes on stylish and eye-catching designs, ensuring that these products not only perform well but look good too.
  4. BIS Certification: The fact that products are listed on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) website highlights their adherence to quality and safety standards.
  5. Feature-Rich Smartwatch: The CMF by Nothing Watch Pro offers an AMOLED display with Always-On Display support, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen sensing, sleep tracking, stress monitoring and multiple sports modes, One who cares about health. and fitness enthusiast.
  6. Enhanced Audio Experience: CMF by Nothing Buds Pro comes with 45dB Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Ultra-Bass technology and Fast Charging, providing an immersive and convenient audio experience.
  7. Fast Charging Technology: The upcoming fast chargers are expected to incorporate various fast charging technologies, addressing the need for quick and efficient device charging.


  1. Limited Availability: Products may initially be available in select regions, potentially limiting access to some interested consumers.
  2. Price Variability: The reported prices are approximate and may vary based on location and additional features, which may cause confusion among potential buyers.
  3. Reliance on Leaks: As of now, most of the information is based on leaks and reports, which could mean that some details may change upon official announcement.
  4. New Sub-Brand: Being a new sub-brand, consumers may have concerns about the reputation and track record of CMF Buy Nothing products.
  5. Unverified Specifications: Until the official specifications are released, there are chances that the leaked specifications may not be completely accurate.
  6. Battery Longevity: While the smartwatch promises good battery life, actual performance may vary based on usage patterns and settings.
  7. Competitive Market: The tech market is competitive, and these products have to stand out in terms of features and performance to gain popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Nothing’s CMF Buy Nothing product launch:

1. What is CMF by nothing?
CMF By Nothing is a new sub-brand introduced by American tech company Nothing. It focuses on offering budget-friendly yet high-quality tech products.

2. What are the products being launched by Nothing under CMF?
Nothing’s is set to launch a range of products including smartwatches, earbuds and a fast charger, all designed to provide affordable options for tech enthusiasts.

3. When is the launch date for these products?
The launch is scheduled for 26 September, giving consumers access to these exciting new products.

4. Who is the CEO of Nothing?
Nothing’s CEO is Carl Pei, who has emphasized the company’s commitment to the budget-friendly CMF branding.

5. Where can I find more information about these products?
You can find out more information about the products through Nothing’s official website and authorized retailers. Stay tuned for updates on specifications and features.

6. What is the significance of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) listing?
The products are listed on the BIS website, indicating compliance with quality and safety standards.

7. What is the price of upcoming products?
The smartwatch is expected to cost around ₹4,500, the earbuds around ₹3,500 and the charger around ₹3,000.

8. What are the key features of CMF Buy Nothing Smartwatch?
The smartwatch, known as CMF by Nothing Watch Pro, features a 1.96-inch display with Always-on Display (AOD) support, aluminum alloy casing, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen sensing, sleep tracking and more Has an AMOLED screen.

9. What can we expect from the CMF by Nothing’s Buds Pro earbuds?
The earbuds will come with 45dB Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), ultra-bass technology, 10mm dynamic drivers, and fast charging capabilities.

10. Will there be more products under the CMF Buy Nothing sub-brand?
Although the initial launch includes a smartwatch, earbuds and a fast charger, Nothing may introduce additional products in the future. Stay informed for updates.

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