You will enjoy listening to LG's best earbuds

Puspendra kumar

Perfect Fit for Active Life: Designed for fitness enthusiasts, the compact and ergonomic design ensures a secure fit during workouts and activities.

Stylish and Modern Look:  A sleek black and fluorescent yellow dual color scheme adds a touch of vibrancy to your earbud style.

 Immersive Noise Cancellation:  Say goodbye to distractions – enjoy best-in-class noise cancellation that enhances your listening experience.

 Stay Aware with Ambient Mode:  Easily switch to Ambient Mode for those moments via the app when situational awareness matters.

Seamless App Integration: The Tone Free app provides equalizer modes, custom presets, touchpad lock and even helps detect misplaced earbuds.

Impressive Sound Quality: From vocals to instruments, these earbuds deliver a balanced and rich audio profile for an engaging listening experience.

Built to Endure:  With an IP67 rating, these earbuds are sweat-resistant and ready to tackle any workout challenge.

LONG LASTING BATTERY:  A single charge provides enough power for a whole week of music and calls, reducing the need for frequent charging.

UV-Nano Treatment:  The charging case ensures your earbuds stay clean and ready for use with built-in UV-Nano technology.

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