– What is WhatsApp Flows and How Does It Work? A Simple Explanation with Example

By Puspendra Kumar

– The message is about a new feature of WhatsApp called Flows, which allows businesses to create in-chat experiences for their customers.

– Flows are like automation tools that provide rich menus and customizable forms that support different needs of the customers.

– Flows can be used for various tasks such as choosing a train seat, ordering a meal, booking an appointment, or buying clothes, all without leaving the chat.

– Flows are different from third-party chatbots that already exist in WhatsApp, as they are more optimized and native to the platform.

– Flows are being rolled out slowly and not many businesses have access to them yet.

– The message explains how WhatsApp Flows work with an example of a business that sells clothes and how it can guide the customer to the desired product.

– The message also mentions some other possible use cases of Flows such as buying tickets, booking services, or getting answers to queries.

– The message acknowledges that the feature is still not widely available and that more details will be known once more people see it on their app.

– The message is based on a blog post by WhatsApp and an article by India Today.

– The message aims to inform and educate the reader about WhatsApp Flows and how they can benefit both businesses and customers.