10. The iChessOne foldable electronic chessboard connects to the web and has a wooden design.

9. The JOYO smart board game is equipped with intelligent AI sensors that keep the games Fun and interesting.

8. The Standard Poker Co. 2.0 smart home poker sets rely on RFID, Bluetooth, and more, updating your old card games.

7. The Yaber Pico T1 mini Projector brings you Wi-Fi-connected cinematic movie nights the whole family can enjoy.

6. The Dog-E smart robot dog is a lifelike robot pet that senses your touch and voice.

5. The Masteek Light-Up Chess wireless LED chess set has pieces that illuminate when they're on the board.

4. The Quell fitness gaming console lets your hero get stronger as you work out, immersing you in fun and exercise.

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3. The Picoo gaming console for kids gets even the youngest members of your family moving and having fun.

2. The MOVe38 Blinks system brings board games to the future with touch-sensitive interactive tiles.They're currently sold out, but you can jion the waitlist.

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1. The Square Off Swap AI-based Magical Chessboard comes with self- moving pieces and a built-in coach.