The Super Mario Bros. movie trailer has many Easter eggs and references for fans of the game series.

The opening shot of the trailer shows a warp pipe that leads to the Mushroom Kingdom, just like in the games.

The design of Bowser in the movie is based on his appearance in the newer Mario games, with spiky hair and a more reptilian look.

The trailer features a brief glimpse of a character who looks like the villainous Wario, which could hint at his appearance in the film.

The scene where Mario and Luigi slide down a pipe is a reference to a similar scene in the original Super Mario Bros. game.

The trailer shows a brief glimpse of a flying creature that looks like a Lakitu, a recurring enemy in the Mario series.

The movie's version of Yoshi is a realistic-looking dinosaur, rather than the cute and cartoony version seen in the games.

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The trailer features a brief shot of Mario wearing a tanooki suit, a power-up from Super Mario Bros. 3 that allows him to fly.

The movie's version of Toad, a friendly mushroom character from the games, has a punk rock look with a leather jacket and green hair.

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The trailer ends with a shot of Mario and Luigi walking toward the camera, with a question mark block in the foreground, a nod to the iconic power-up from the games.