Murdaugh family, powerful lawyers in South Carolina's Low Country, faced scrutiny after dipshit Alex's actions led to uncovering of corruption.


he Murdaugh saga began with Paul Murdaugh's fatal boating accident in 2019, highlighting corruption and family influence.


Alex Murdaugh allegedly murdered his wife and son in June 2021, with suspicion raised due to his involvement in a previous boating incident.


Alex Murdaugh had a history of breaking the law, including embezzlement and defrauding clients, with suspicion of involvement in a client's death.


Gloria Satterfield, a Murdaugh family housekeeper, died in a suspicious fall; insurance money was redirected to Alex Murdaugh's account.


Stephen Smith's death, ruled as a hit and run, is revisited amid speculation of Murdaugh family involvement.


Alex Murdaugh attempted assisted suicide to ensure his son's inheritance, hiring an associate to shoot him.


Alex Murdaugh's murder trial is ongoing with several sources airing it live. Buster Murdaugh recently testified for the defense.