Puspendra Kumar

iOS 17 is available today Full details

iOS 17 Enhances iPhone Experience – iOS 17 brings significant updates to communication apps, making the iPhone more personal and intuitive. – StandBy offers a new way to interact with the iPhone while it's charging. – Improved typing speed and accuracy are part of the intelligent input enhancements. – iOS 17 is available as a free software update.

Personalized Contact Posters for Call – The Phone app receives a major update in iOS 17. – Personalized Contact Posters allow users to customize how known contacts appear when they call. – These posters can include photos, Memoji, and various typography and font styles. – Contact Posters add a unique touch to incoming calls.

Live Voicemail with Real-Time Transcription – iOS 17 introduces Live Voicemail, providing real-time transcriptions for voicemails. – Users can pick up a call while the caller leaves a message. – Transcription is handled on-device for privacy. – Unknown numbers and spam calls can be directed to Live Voicemail.

FaceTime Gets More Expressive – Users can now leave video or audio messages on FaceTime. – Reactions like hearts, balloons, and fireworks enhance FaceTime calls. – FaceTime is compatible with third-party video conferencing apps. – Continuity Camera allows seamless transitions to Apple TV for FaceTime calls.

Messages Enhancement – Messages in iOS 17 offers powerful search filters. – Audio messages are automatically transcribed for immediate reading or later listening. – Replying inline is simplified with a swipe gesture. – New stickers experience includes Live Stickers created from photos.

Check In for Safety – iOS 17 introduces the Check In feature in Messages. – Users can notify contacts when they arrive safely at a destination. – Location, battery level, and cell service status can be shared securely. – Enhances safety and peace of mind for users.

StandBy Adds Utility While Charging – StandBy is a full-screen experience for iPhone when it's charging. – Displays clock styles, photos, widgets, and more. – Supports Always-On display and adapts to low light with Night Mode. – Remembers preferred views with MagSafe chargers.

Easier Sharing with AirDrop and NameDrop – AirDrop simplifies sharing content, contact information, and SharePlay. – NameDrop allows users to exchange contact information by bringing iPhones together. – Upcoming AirDrop feature to continue transfers over the internet.

Reflecting with Journal – Journal is a new iPhone app for reflection on life's moments. – Provides personalized suggestions from recent activities. – Offers scheduled notifications to encourage journaling. – Prioritizes user privacy with on-device processing and encryption.

Autocorrect and Dictation Improvement – Autocorrect receives a comprehensive update with a new transformer language model. – Sentence-level autocorrections and inline predictive text enhance typing. – Dictation features improved speech recognition for accuracy.