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chandrayaan-3 के चंद्र मिशन की शीर्ष 10 मुख्य विशेषताएं

Puspendra kumar

Successful Landing: Chandrayaan-3 achieved a remarkable soft landing on the lunar surface, showcasing India's capability to navigate and land on other celestial bodies.

 ISRO's Achievement:  The successful touchdown placed ISRO in an elite group of nations that have successfully landed spacecraft on extraterrestrial worlds.

Cutting-Edge Technologies:  The mission featured advanced technologies that were demonstrated through the deployment of a lander and rover on the Moon's surface.

Scientific Exploration:  Beyond landing, Chandrayaan-3 embarked on significant scientific exploration, aiming to analyze the lunar environment and composition.

Rover Deployment:  Shortly after landing, a side panel of the lander unfolded, creating a ramp for the rover to emerge and begin its lunar exploration.

 Solar-Powered Operations: Both the lander and rover were powered by solar energy, enabling them to conduct scientific studies for about two weeks.

Lunar Night Limitation:  The lander and rover were not designed to withstand the harsh lunar nights, underscoring the mission's focused operational window.

Communication Strategy:  The rover communicated with the lander, which in turn established a direct link with Earth. The Chandrayaan-2 orbiter also served as a contingency communication relay.

Swift Journey:  The entire journey, from liftoff to lunar touchdown, spanned approximately 40 days, showcasing efficient mission planning and execution.

Polar Region Exploration: Chandrayaan-3's landing in the Moon's south polar region allowed for targeted exploration of an area known to contain water ice and offer unique scientific insights.

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