Air Drone The Air Drone is a Recon Gadgets that has gained a  certain level of infamy within the Battlebit community due to its versatility.   


Grappling Hook The Grappling Hook is a dynamic, multi-use gadget that the Leader, Recon,and Assault classes have  access to.


M320 Smoke Grenade Launcher The Assault and Medic classes have access to the M320 smoke Grenade Launcher as their Primary gadget.


Medic Kit The Medic Kit is only accessible by, as the name suggests, the Medic class.


C4 C4 is a primary gadgets usable by every class in the game.


RPGs And Their Variants The RPG, and the many variants it comes in, is only usable by the Engineer class.


Repair Tool If You or Your teammates are looking to Keep a Vehicle, like a tank or an LMV in the fight for longer before having to return to base, the Engineer`s repair tool is a must.


Heavy Ammo Kit While the Assault class has access to small ammo Kits, the Support class can deploy up to three Heavy Ammo Kits per life.


Sledgehammer The Sledgehammer is a secondary gadget usable by the Leader, Assault, and Recon classes.