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matter aera electric bike

The Matter AERA electric bike that was launched in India in March 2022 by a startup called Matter. It is claimed to be India’s own electric motorbike that is the very embodiment of technology, design and connected experiences.

Here are some details about the Matter AERA electric bike

  • The Matter AERA electric bike comes in four variants: 4000, 5000, 5000+ and 6000+. The prices range from Rs. 1.73 lakh to Rs. 1.83 lakh (ex-showroom) depending on the variant.
  • The Matter AERA is powered by a IP65-rated 10.5kW, liquid-cooled, mid-mounted motor that delivers an impressive 520Nm of torque at the wheel. The e-motorcycle gets a 5kWh battery pack that is also liquid-cooled. It claims a range of 125km to 150km depending on the variant.
  • The Matter AERA supports both standard and fast-charging via a common connector and is equipped with a standard on-board 1kW charger. Charging can also be done using a standard bedroom 5A, three-pin plug point. Using the on-board charger, it can be charged in less than five hours.
  • The Matter AERA electric bike features a telescopic fork at the front and dual gas-charged shocks at the rear for suspension. It has disc brakes with dual-channel ABS on both ends for braking. It also has alloy wheels and tubeless tyres.
  • The Matter AERA electric bike comes loaded with features like 4G connectivity, keyless operation, a seven-inch LCD touchscreen display with onboard navigation, and a nine-axis IMU. It also has LED lighting throughout, including a bifunctional led projector.
  • The Matter AERA electric bike offers comprehensive connective features like accident detection and auto-reply to calls while riding. Its specialised smartphone app enables the owner to keep track of statistics including charge level, position, and ride analysis.
  • The Matter AERA electric bike is designed to be futuristic and sleek, with a low-slung profile and sharp lines. It has a digital instrument cluster that shows speed, battery level, range, mode and other information. It also has a smart key fob that allows remote start and stop of the bike.
  • The Matter AERA electric bike has four riding modes: Eco, City, Sport and Custom. Each mode alters the power output, throttle response and battery consumption of the bike. The Custom mode allows the rider to adjust these parameters according to their preference.
  • The Matter AERA electric bike is one of the cheapest means of transportation in India as it does not require gasoline or diesel fuel, which can save money in the long run. It also has low maintenance costs as it does not have complex mechanical parts like a conventional bike.
  • The Matter AERA electric bike is environmentally friendly as it does not emit harmful pollutants into the air, which helps to reduce air pollution and improve air quality. It also has a low carbon footprint as it uses renewable energy sources like electricity instead of fossil fuels.
  • The Matter AERA electric bike is good for health as riding an electric bike is a form of exercise that involves pedalling and can improve overall health and fitness. Riding an electric bike can also reduce stress levels and improve mental well-being.
  • The Matter AERA electric bike is good for short commutes as it has a decent range and can easily navigate through traffic and narrow roads. It can also help the rider avoid parking hassles and save time by using dedicated bike lanes or shortcuts.
  • The Matter AERA electric bike is quiet and smooth as it produces less noise than a traditional gasoline-powered bike, making it well-suited for use in densely populated urban areas. It also provides a smoother ride by reducing stress on the joints and muscles of the rider.
  • The Matter AERA electric bike is accessible and inclusive as it caters for all abilities and ages and allows inexperienced riders to keep pace with more experienced ones. It also makes riding in a group more enjoyable as less fit riders do not feel they are holding fitter ones back.
  • The Matter AERA electric bike is fun and exciting as it gives the rider a boost of speed and power that can enhance the thrill of riding. It also allows the rider to explore new places and routes that may not be possible on a conventional bike.

These are some of the details about the Matter AERA electric bike that you may find useful. If you want to know more, you can visit the official website of Matter or check out some reviews and videos online. I hope this helps.😊

matter aera electric bike
matter aera electric bike
matter aera electric bike
matter aera electric bike

matter aera electric bike
Compare5000 5000+
Key Specs Overview***
Acceleration0 to 60 kmph in under 6 seconds0 to 60 kmph in under 6 seconds
Range125 Kms125 Kms
Battery Capacity5kWh5kWh
Charging TimeNormal Charging in 5 hoursFast Charging in under 2 hoursNormal Charging in 5 hoursFast Charging in under 2 hours
Front BrakeDiscDisc
Rear BrakeDiscDisc
ABSYes, Dual sensor Single ChannelYes, Dual sensor Single Channel
CoolingInbuilt Active Liquid CoolingInbuilt Active Liquid Cooling
Thermal Management
Thermal ManagementIITMS (Integrated Intelligent Thermal Management System)IITMS (Integrated Intelligent Thermal Management System)
Motor Power10kW10kW
TransmissionHyper Shift 4-speed Manual TransmissionHyper Shift 4-speed Manual Transmission
CoolingInbuilt Active Liquid CoolingInbuilt Active Liquid Cooling
Ride Modes3 + 13 + 1
Warranty (Bike+Battery)3yrs/unlimited kms3yrs/unlimited kms
MatterVerse App features
Service Reminder and ManagmentYesYes
Matter Family- MangementYesYes
Owners ManualYesYes
Ride History and StatsBasicAdvanced*
Running cost Savings CalculatorManualAuto*
Bluetooth Pairing to VehicleYes
Remote lock/unlock via PhoneYes*
Live Location Tracking/ Find my bikeYes*
Remote Charging Monitoring and ControlYes*
Trip Planner-Multi Stop Yes*
Push navigation to vehicleYes*
Vehicle health monitoringYes*
Smart Features
Predicted RangeYes Yes
Real-time battery consumption (SoC)YesYes
Ride StatsYesYes
Vehicle sharing (Matter Family)YesYes
Accident detection and emergency notificationYesYes
Park AssistYesYes
Welcome lightsYesYes
Ride StatsYesYes
Battery SavingYesYes
Battery Usage StatsYesYes
Gear Indicator YesYes
Predicted RangeYesYes
Passive Keyless EntryYesYes
Gear Shift HelperYes
Auto Indicator ON/OFFYes
Guide me home lightsYes
Bluetooth Pairing to AppYes
Call ControlYes
Music ControlYes
Charging Smart PortYes
Vehicle DiagnosticsYes
Integrated NavigationOfflineAdvanced*
Updated via OTARegulatoryNew Features*
Theft and Tow DetectionYes*
Matter Care
Roadside Assistance (3yrs)Yes Yes
AMC-Labour (3yrs)YesYes
Extended Warranty Battery (+2yrs/Unlimited km)Yes*Yes*
Roadside Assitance (+2yrs)Yes*Yes*
1,73,999 1,83,999
  • *Feature Available. Data Charges may apply
  • **Features/specifications shown may vary in the actual product. Customers should verify the actual product and may seek clarifications from our representatives prior to purchase.
  • ***Under Test Conditions

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