Jio Offers Complimentary Benefits Worth Rs 2,394 for iPhone 15 Buyers in India

jio offers

Still, you might want to check out the special offer from Jio offers , If you’re planning to buy the new iPhone 15 series in India. The telecom mammoth has blazoned a complimentary offer for iPhone 15 buyers in India that gives them benefits worth up to Rs 2,394.

Jio Offers

The offer includes a special plan of Rs 399 per month for six months that offers 3 GB data per day, unlimited free voice calls and 100 SMS per day. This plan is applicable for new repaid activations on plans of Rs 149 or over. still, there’s a catch. The offer is valid only if you buy the iPhone 15 or the iPhone 15 Plus from Reliance Digital, JioMart or Reliance Retail stores in the country.

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Jio Offers

The offer starts on September 22 in the country and will be bus- credited within 72 hours on your mobile number once you fit the Jio reimbursed SIM card in the new iPhone 15 device. You’ll also admit a announcement via SMS ande-mail after the offer is credited to your number. The offer is exclusive to the rearmost iPhone 15 bias and won’t work on other iPhone models or other stores.

Jio Offers

The iPhone 15 series features a new design, a faster processor, an advanced camera system and a longer battery life. The iPhone 15 series is now available in India and costs Rs 79,900 for the iPhone 15 and Rs 89,900 for the iPhone 15 Plus.

Jio Offers

So, if you’re looking for a great deal on the new iPhone 15 series in India, you might want to consider buying it from Jio’s mate stores and enjoy the complimentary benefits worth Rs 2,394. This offer is valid for a limited period only, so accelerate up and snare your iPhone 15 moment!

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